About us

DYNAMO is again back at market place with its traditional products and new technological stile and recognition and development strategy of product specialization in automotive electric equipment, electric motors and complete electric drive systems for CNC controlled machine tools and other automation processes, household appliances etc.

Society has been founded in 1967 and since 2003 is an association with 100 % capital private.

Manufacturing process is managed by automated system, and the quality of production is ensured through certified TUV system in accordance to ISO 9001:2000. Since 2002 company is sertified supplier of Remy Automotive Hungary (Delco Remy Hungary).

DYNAMO has at its disposal a total, open and covered with buildings area of 55 000 sq.m., 39 800 sq.m. of which form a production area, stores - 6 700 sq.m., administrative buildings - 8 500 sq.m.

Now DYNAMO manufactures: automotive alternators and starters, and components for them, DC electric motors and electric drives for them, as for inner as for outside market with export rate 80 – 85 %.

The series of automotive alternators are for voltages of 14V and 28V, and output current from 35 A to 160 A, and the series of automotive starters - for voltage 12V and 24V and power output from 1.3 kW to 8.5 kW.

DC electric motors with permanent magnets (servomotors) have rated torque from 0.09 Nm to 100 Nm. Part of them are produced under license of the Japanese company Fanuc. They may be supplied with: tachometer generator, gapless electromagnet brake, resolver or encoder.

DC electric motors with electromagnet excitation are with output power from 3.7 kW to 45 kW at speed of revolution 1000 min-1 and they are designed in three overall dimensions with axes heights 112 mm, 132 mm and 160 mm.

Complete electric drive systems cover the parameters of DC motors.

DYNAMO more offer alternators and starters, and components for them for analogous American products which are the following: Starters 10MT, 28MT, 37MT, 41MT, 42MT and Alternators CS 130, CS 130D and Leece Neville 2300-2800JB.

DYNAMO has three production corps, where are differentiated:

  • - Workpiece-rooms;
  • - Pressing workshops;
  • - Foundry;
  • - Workshop for cold volume die stamping of parts;
  • - Workshop for manufacture of commutators;
  • - Items mechanical treatment workshop;
  • - Work-rooms for electroplating and electropainting;
  • - Workshops and work-rooms for winding processes;
  • - Work-rooms for impregnation;
  • - Items and products mounting workshops;
  • - Toolroom.

Workpiece-rooms are equipped with machines for preparation and cleaning of rods, machines for sheet cutting-up as well as machines for rods and sheet cutting-out and cutting-off.

Workshop for pressing is furnished with automatic press types "Schuler", "Klamer" and "Passu", ordinary eccentric presses and semi-automata for argon-arc welding of stator packs for alternators.

Materials cold volume die stamping workshop is equipped with up-to-date automata type "Schuler" and hydraulic presses up to 250 tons. On their basis were developed wasteless technologies for pole pieces and slip rings for automotive alternators, commutators, poles, cogwheels and other parts for automotive starters.

Workshops for parts mechanical treatment are furnished with NC lathes, center and centerless grinding machines, splining machines, assembly machines for body parts treatment, NC machining centers, tooth cutting and tooth grinding machines and utility-type equipment, single-spindle and multi-spindle automata.

Work-room for electroplating is furnished with an automatic line for tin-plating, technological lines for zink- and nickel-plating.

Electropainting work-room is equipped with semi-automatic installation for electropainting.

Workshops and work-rooms for winding processes are furnished with special-purpose machines for armature windings and stator coils, automatic machines for stators winding type "Statomat", automatic lines for armatures winding type "Mikafil" and welding machines type "Schlater". Also hand winding is applied.

Impregnating processes are fulfilled with the use of compound varnishes on the base of polyester and are made by trickling and immersion. There are used electric furnaces for drying.

The foundry is equipped with machines for pressure founding of aluminium body parts.

In workshops for items and products mounting are differentiated lines for conveyer type assembly.

Balancing of rotors for alternators is done on semi-automata type "Schenk". 100% inspection is made of all ready for use parts and products on special-purpose testing stands and test apparatus.

DYNAMO has a specialized tool production equipment: fiber and volume erosion machines "Agie", "Fanuc", "Agema"; program milling machines & multi-axes and optical grinding machines "Dekel", "Blom"; thermoequipment "Ipsen", coordinate measurement equipment "Omikron" and wide technological capacity for production of tools, necessary for the various technological processes used. Produces die-stamping for aluminum die casting and other different stampings.

In tool production are used chiefly German, Swiss and Japanese precise, multi-axes and optical grinding machines, milling machines, fiber and volume erosion machines and other utility-type equipment.

DYNAMO has its own research potential, which is able to develop and start production of automotive starters and alternators, DC, complete electric drives, synchronous alternators and others.

The town factory is situated at East countryside, exactly on main transport line – Sofia (300 km) – Bourgass (110 km). The destination from Rousse is 220 km, and from Bidin 450 km far way

The company production is directed mainly to export and it is well-accepted in Hungary, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, etc.

DYNAMO is flexible technological system with fast marketing reaction and could accomplish commercial negotiations and cooperation with companies in the field or firms interested in electric technical industry.